Cremation Services: The Steuerle Difference

Whether you choose to use our services, or those of another provider, be sure their care meets our standards.

  • Professional services by experienced and licensed staff 
  • Prompt and individual transportation of your loved one into our care
  • Considerate care for your loved one’s remains
  • Assurance of proper identification
  • Sheltering of loved one until authorization and appointments are obtained
  • Individual transportation to the crematory
  • Witnessed by a licensed funeral director
  • Authentication of ashes by trained staff
  • Transfer of remains to selected urn or jewelry for your convenience
  • Informed staff available 24/7



Our family philosophy is to set standards for every aspect of cremation that exceeds the state requirements, as well as those of other cremation providers.



Once your loved one is in our care, they remain in our care until the urn is returned to you. Many societies have multiple transfers of the deceased prior to cremation. After the cremation, the urn may be transferred multiple times until it returns to the family. Families deserve to know that cremation is carried out with full awareness and security throughout the process.



Each person we care for is beloved. Each body should be handled with all the love that is due it. Before cremation, we carefully wash and dress each person. There is something ancient in this ritual; we are honored to maintain the sacred trust your family has granted us in this delicate duty.



If your family has chosen not to have a Final Farewell, we will require a recent, color photograph for positive means of identification of your loved one. We will not rely on the types of identification forms other care facilities provide (i.e. hospitals, nursing homes, and coroner’s office). They are not acceptable to us and do not meet our standards of care. A staff member will positively identify your loved one prior to cremation.




When a person is brought into our care after initial removal, they will stay in our care until time of cremation. 



A licensed funeral director from Knollcrest will accompany your loved one to the crematory. We stay with your loved one through the entire process of disposition. We document the process digitally to offer you the utmost, positive security that your wishes and the wishes of the deceased have been carried out precisely.



We have intentionally chosen to use a crematory that we do not own or operate and serves only funeral homes. This is for good reason. As separate professionals, we are responsible to you, and to each other, to meet or exceed all regulations, assuring everyone we serve that all aspects of the cremation process are done with excellence.



Many families wish to witness the cremation. This may be for religious or cultural reasons. For others, it is for practical reasons and peace of mind. We would be happy to arrange this option for you, and will accompany you for support. Whatever you decide, a licensed funeral director witnesses every cremation take place at the crematory.



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