Burial or Cremation

Burial or Cremation?

While it’s true that our services do not hinge on this choice, it’s also true that this is a decision that must be made. Here are some helpful questions to ask and ideas to consider when making this decision. Keep in mind that cremation alone is not a final decision.  Whether your family chooses to keep the remains in their home for a time or do something right away, eventually a decision for a permanent resting place must be made.


1. Has your loved one expressed a wish to be buried or cremated?  Of course, honor their wishes.

2. Does your family already own cemetery property?  If so, burial might be the appropriate choice.  We are also able to bury cremated remains in that cemetery property.  

3. Is the choice a financial one?  If a family does not already own cemetery property, and the deceased is not a veteran or spouse of a veteran, it’s true that cremation can be a less expensive alternative to selecting cemetery property.  

4. Is the deceased an American Veteran, spouse of a veteran, or dependent child of a veteran?  If so, burial at a National Cemetery is provided by the Veterans’ Administration.  Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is located in nearby Elburn, IL, and is a beautiful cemetery.  It also has an attractive niche wall, which provides a permanent resting place for cremated remains.

5. Is your desire to be eco-friendly?   We can help you locate a cemetery in the area which will allow for your loved one to return to the earth in a more natural way. Cremation is not advised as an eco-friendly solution, as it uses natural resources and creates air pollution.

6. What does your faith background require? Many religions traditionally bury, while others exclusively cremate. Within some religions, there are guidelines for either choice.  For example, when someone of the Catholic faith is cremated, it is proper that their cremated remains should stay intact and eventually be buried in consecrated ground.

7. Is your decision based on a desire for or an aversion to the viewing of the deceased’s body for services?  This concern need not be a factor in either direction.  We often have memorial services for private burials that take place at another time.  Likewise, we often have funeral services for those who will be cremated later.  We can also leave a casket closed for those who desire a traditional service, but wish no viewing of the deceased.  For those who fear viewing the body because of an accidental death or the changes illness brings to someone’s physical form, we suggest allowing us to do what we do best before making a final decision.  We are very skilled at our craft, and people often remark on what a blessing it is to see their loved one looking like the person they remember once more.







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